Dan Adams


I like capturing images.  I like looking through a view finder and composing.  I like the physical act of turning the rings and pushing the shutter button. 

I don’t care too much for the darkroom any more.  I don’t miss film, I don’t miss chemistry, I don’t miss doing it “one more time”.

I enjoy digital.

I like depth of field.  I like geometry and the relationships of objects.  I like people, even though you don’t see many in my photographs.

I enjoy looking at the images I’ve captured.  I capture the images for me.  I hope you enjoy them as well.


On photography

Top Left:

  Pinkies, Black Rock City, NV


  Seussville, Orlando, FL

  Rock & Roll Museum, Seattle, WA

  Art Institute, Chicago, IL

  Sears Tower, Chicago, IL

  National Gallery, Wash. D.C.

Bottom Left:

  Martini Glass Over the Playa,

  Black Rock City,    NV